Aigina, Saronikos


Nikos Kazantzakis, the internationally acclaimed Greek writer, was one of the artists who were enchanted by Aegina and its unique light.

The island gave him inspiration and that is why he chose to live there for some years. His house, a neoclassical building of 1936, is located in the area of ​​Plakakia, very close to the port facing north.

The house of Nikos Kazantzakis is not open to the public, but it is worth a visit even from the outside. It is interesting just to think that in this house the great writer was inspired to create some of his most important works (the Odyssey was one of them)!



We are here to create your ideal vacation within a pleasant and traditional atmosphere. 

You are welcomed to visit and roam to our beautiful island,  Aegina, and enjoy your stay at our cosy facilities!

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