Aigina, Saronikos


History of "Aeginitikon Arhontikon"

The building was built in 1700 and was much smaller than it is today. In the early 1900s the building was renovated, expanded and acquired its neoclassical style. Initially, the building served as a residence of Mrs. Varvara Bitrou.

In 1987 “Aeginitikon Arhontikon” was fully renovated and turned into a traditional hotel.

In 1987 “Aeginitikon Archontikon” was fully renovated and turned into a traditional hotel by Mr. Fotis Voulgarakis, to be used in the same way as it is still used today. On the ground floor of the neoclassical building there are two courtyards. They are built in such a way that there is always shade and they are decorated with stone seats and various old traditional pieces of furniture. The rooms are also furnished in an old traditional style and the ceilings are artistically painted. The interior doors and the floor on the first level are wooden.
During that period, the Minister of Shipping, Admiral Kountouriotis, and Saint Nektarios, when he was still an unknown monk in a monastery on the outskirts of Aegina, lived in “Aeginitikon Archontikon”. Later, when Mrs. Zinovia Bitrou was the owner of “Aeginitikon Archontikon”, the Greek poet Kostas Varnalis also lived there for two years.
The exterior of the walls and the Doric order capitals are painted in red, while the columns and the antefix are painted in the colour of ocher. The balconies are made of wooden frame with plaster coating and are decorated with plaster corbels, while their railings are from iron and are painted black.

The shutters are French, wooden, open in two parts and are painted dark red. A characteristic of the neoclassical style this building is built in is the proportions of both the building and the openings.

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