Aigina, Saronikos


Eynardeio Central School: The first neoclassical building in Greece

One of the most famous Kapodistrian buildings of Aegina and the first neoclassical of the Modern Greek state is the Eynardeio (Central) School.

The School was founded at a time when it was considered that for the progress of Aegina as a capital it was necessary to create the educational structures for its citizens through certified teachers. Thus, in 1830, with a donation from the Swiss banker and philhellene Jean-Gabriel Eynard, a friend of the Governor, the Eynardeio School was built by the architects S. Cleanthis and E. Schaubert.

The first higher education institution of independent Greece

In this building, located next to the Cathedral (Mitropolis) of Aegina, there was a school that offered three-month training to future teachers and an experimental mutual teaching school. It was the first higher education institution in independent Greece with renowned scholars headed by Georgios Gennadios.

After the end of its operation as a school, the building housed the National Library, the old School and the Archaeological Museum of Aegina (1926 - 1982). Since the museum was moved to a new building, it has been basically abandoned but kept in good condition.



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