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In the area of Plakakia, 3 km from the port of Aegina to the north and on the coastal road, it is worth making a stop at the museum of Christos Kapralos, one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century worldwide.

A few words about Christos Kapralos

The Greek sculptor, painter and engraver, Christos Kapralos, one of the greatest representatives of modernism in Greece, was born in 1909 in Panaitoliko (near Agrinio). Despite his family’s financial condition, he managed to study painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts and sculpture in Paris thanks to the support of his sponsors. In 1991, two years before his death, he founded the Christos and Soulis Kapralos Foundation in Aegina, which led to the foundation of Christos Kapralos Museum, which first opened its doors in 1995, two years after the artist’s death.

The Museum

The Christos Kapralos Museum in Aegina hosts in its halls and in its open-air space a significant number of works of all his artistic periods from 1963 to 1993, since he worked mainly on the island of Aegina. Using a variety of materials (wood, copper, marble, local alabaster, plaster, etc.), Christos Kapralos presents, among others, paintings, sculptures, engravings, ceramics and terracotta.

His work

His work is inspired by people’s daily life, by peace and war, but also by his relationships with his friends and relatives. He represented Greece at the Venice Biennale (biennial) in 1962 and participated in the Sao Paulo Biennale in 1975. Today his works adorn private collections and museums in Europe and America.

Some of his most important works that can be admired in this museum is the copy of the frieze «The monument το the Battle of Pindos», inspired by the Greek resistance against the Germans, which today adorns one of the halls of the Greek parliament. Also, the copper statue “The Mother”, placed opposite the museum, overlooks the sea and symbolises the Greek mother who is waiting for her sailor son.

Bonus info:

It is worth mentioning that in 2006 the Christos and Soulis Kapralos Foundation became part of the National Gallery - Museum of Alexandros Soutzos and since then it has been operating as such.

And if you feel that you want to learn more, then you can attend some of sculpture workshops taking place in the museum.



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